Located in Hong Kong Science Park, the city's technology and innovation hub, Growgreen is a team of passionate professionals from the agriculture and electronics fields, where we combine the new generation’s planting ideas with advanced technology.

We develop smart home-based planting systems, support STEM education, and promote healthy lifestyles among the community. Our goal is to enable healthy living for everyone. We believe that anyone can learn to grow and harvest with ease, and everyone can enjoy both the process and outcomes.



1. Agriculture relies on nature...

...And nature is uncontrollable. Changing seasons, natural disasters, and pests are all factors that can affect agricultural output

2. How Humans tackle this
In order to increase harvest outputs, industries apply pesticides to kill bugs; excessive chemical fertilizers to improve soil; additives to enhance crop appearance; and preservatives to transport crops. Some plants even inadvertently grow in soil corrupted by heavy metals from polluted environments, such as through acidic rain, contaminated water source, etc.

This harms us directly - we eat it, and it goes straight into our systems - AND indirectly, by damaging the Earth and our food chain.



Our mission is to use technologies to enhance home growing, thereby enabling healthy living for mankind.

So now, from seedling to success - what takes us that extra mile?

  1. We implement “nature” in our devices.

  2. We research optimized environments for plant growth

  3. We design systems with technologies to sense and control small environments

  4. We develop IoT with mobile apps

  5. We partner with the industry – farms, universities, R&D centers

  6. We have young professionals with experienced leaders – creative ideas + solid management