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Smart Grower
Growgreen proudly presents


for everyone

aspara® is a Hydroponic Smart Grower for indoor proudly presented by Growgreen.

Thanks to its specialized LED grow light design, smart sensors and fully automated watering system, aspara provides an optimized growing environment for everyone to grow anything, anywhere, anytime.

It’s not just a growing device, aspara embodies a healthier lifestyle.

Besides aspara, Growgreen offers home-based planting systems for both indoor and outdoor use.


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for schools

Keylearning, also a subsidiary of Growgreen, offers STEM education courses to schools and organizations in developing learners’ problem solving, analytical thinking, and other related skill sets through hydroponics.

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for the community

Growgreen encourages the consumption of fresh and clean vegetables that improves well-being. Growgreen also works closely with our partners in order to promote a healthy lifestyle for the community.